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We provide you the best of your scrap precious metals and diamonds

- We do payment on the spot.

- Over 30 years, we have been providing professional, friendly and reliable service in precious metal and diamond buying.

- At diamonds and fine jewelry, inc. We care more about building solid relationship than to just be your diamonds and precious metal buyer.

- We come to your location so you don’t need to worry about shipping your precious metal and diamonds.

- We pay 100% spot price for gold on your diamond jewelry.* (on end of the page *restriction apply)

- We also pay top diamond price for diamond jewelry so you don’t have to worry about removing diamonds from jewelry.

- We pay top prices for every quality, cut, shape and quantity of diamonds.

- We use top notch equipment and technology to get more money for your precious metal and diamonds.

- We have our own inhouse diamond manufacutring unit in india.

Call us for free consulation 972-408-8970.

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